Tennis Elbow

Although Lateral Epicondylitis is known as tennis elbow and people  think that this is the cause, it can be caused by a number of activities.

Overuse of the extensor tendon and the extensor carpi radialis brevis; inflammation leads to microtears of tendon & subsequent fibrosis are the most common causes. 

What can cause Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow can be caused by a number of things including:

  • Handling tools heavier than 1 kg 
  • Handling loads heavier than 20 kg at least 10 times per day 
  • Repetitive movements more than 2 hrs/day 
  • Tennis, typing, gardening (hedge trimmers) 
  • For tennis players: risk of overuse injury increased 2-3X with more than 2hrs of play per week & increase is 2-4X greater in players over age 40 
  • Video games, musical instruments 
  • Carpenters/plumbers/electricians (hammers)

What treatment may help me?

Our sports massage treatment may help you. 

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