Back Pain

Are You Suffering From Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from Lower Back Pain, why not try a Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage or a Reflexology Treatment.

What is Causing the Lower Back Pain?

There could be a number of reasons that you have lower back pain. The most likely causes are; ligament sprain, muscle strain, disc injury or a facet capsule irritation. However there is a number of other reasons that could cause lower back pain. 

What Type of Treatment may benefit?

There are a number of different treatment that may help your lower back pain including; Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage or Reflexology Treatment. 

How Often Will I Require Treatment?

This depends on the exact cause of the lower back pain and how long you have had the symptoms for. Muscles normally heal quicker than ligaments, this will be discussed with your clinician at your first appointment. 

How Can I Book an Appointment?

You can either book your appointment online or by calling 07487 305530.


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