Achilles Tendonopathy

Achilles Tendonopathy is caused by chronic overuse condition with pain in Achilles tendon region, may involve collagen degeneration, partial tear or even full rupture in end stages.

Who is at Risk?

Increased age, overuse & poor conditioning (weekend warrior). Men are beween 4 – 7 times more likely than women. 
• Cavus feet (high arch) & over pronation
• Tibia vara, heel & forefoot varus deformities
• Increase in activity (mileage, speed, gradient)
• Decrease in recovery time between training sessions
• Change of surface or foot wear (new shoe with lower heel, shoe with heel tab)
• Decreased flexibility
• Gastrosoleus & Achilles tendon tightness
• Poor joint range of motion – restricted dorsiflexion
• Fluoroquinolones (antibiotics) have been associated with Achilles tendonitis & rupture

What does it feel like / When are you likely to feel the pain?

Posterior heel pain – that may be sharp, especially after the first few steps following sitting
• Complete Achilles tendon rupture is classically accompanied by a ‘snapping’ sensation & sudden loss of plantar flexion (foot going towards the floor). 
• Patient may have recently changed training level, foot wear or history of prior achilles injuries
• Rest may decrease symptoms, but often return with increased activity
• In later stages pain may be more constant

What treatment will help?

We can provide Sports Massage, Reflexology or Therapeutic Massage

How do I book an Appointment?

You can either book your appointment online or call us: 07487 305530

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