Therapeutic Massage

Sports Massage Vs Therapeutic Massage

Ever wondered what treatment you should book? Whether you should book a sports or therapeutic massage? Let us tell you the main differences between each treatment.

Why should I choose a Sports Massage?

Our Sports Massage is predominantly for people who have got pain or discomfort which may require a variety of techniques to get to the problematic area. Our therapist is currently a year 4 student studying Osteopathy.  He can use a number of osteopathic techniques to improve your symptoms/condition. This treatment is great if you have:

  • Strained a Muscle or Tendon
  • Sprained a Ligament
  • Recent Trauma (whiplash etc…)
  • Sports Injury

Why should I choose a Therapeutic Massage?

Our Therapeutic Massage is more of a relaxing massage although our therapist can work on particular area. You may be feeling stressed and feel tension in your shoulders and upper back. Our therapist Natasha can  help to ease those tensions away. If she feels that the symptoms require further treatment or a more robust approach she will inform you of this. 

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